The Realisation of a Need for Change

We specialise in Recovery Companionship and Coaching, and our support services can be sourced directly by the person suffering from addiction, or through their family members. One of the biggest challenges in trying to help a loved one with an addiction is getting them to recognise they have an issue, and that change is required. Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation. Upon making contact with our office we carry out an initial telephone assessment lasting approximately 30 minutes to determine how one of our recovery specialists can be of help. 

Recognition & Rebuilding

Following this assessment the types of service that may be offered could be (but are not limited to):

- Assisting an individual to realise that they need professional help and encouraging them to deal with their addictions, ensuring Recovery is self-directed and empowering.

- Sourcing and arranging a referral to a Rehabilitation Treatment Centre.

- Providing a Rehabilitation Companion to a treatment centre to relieve pressure from all those involved and to ensure a safe arrival.

We are reliable and trustworthy and are able to travel anywhere in the world at very short notice.

Inroads provides safe companionship during travelling, when individuals could otherwise be subject to vulnerable situations if alone on the journey with temptation readily available. We offer valuable support and encouragement to your loved one to ensure they stay on track during their journey.

Support can be offered in the form of a ‘wrap around’ service supporting the individual into treatment, during treatment, and after the individual returns from the centre.

Growth & Transformation

Recovery Companionship can be provided, for example, for a situation where the individual requires round the clock support for a length of time after returning from a treatment centre. 

Recovery Coaching is offered to help reinforce structure and daily routines, including holding several or once a week sessions, offering support via texts, phone calls and e-mails in between sessions. This can also include accompaniment to meetings and treatment, and assistance with establishing a recovery network.

Our Recovery Coaching Service is suited to all types of self -defeating behaviours and addictions, including alcohol. This service is an invaluable support for but not limited to; those new to recovery.

Recovery Coaching is for the individual who is committed to actively participating in their own recovery journey. As a coach, our role is to empower the client to do for themselves what they have dreamed about, through being able to cope with the various triggers and obstacles they will encounter in their daily lives.

Our Recovery Coach will work with the individual to ensure that we:

- Provide motivation, guidance and accountability to ensure/catalyse transformation

- Set and reach powerful, effective, meaningful and relevant goals.

- Encourage clients to go further than they would on their own.

- Assist with heightening and maintaining focus to produce more efficient and effective results.

- Provide a structured approach using tools, support and encouragement to achieve more than they would alone.

Recovery Coaching is a bespoke service and we are happy to meet at your home, or a mutually convenient location.

If you have been in a rehabilitation treatment centre, we can liaise with your case manager and family to ensure our Recovery Coaching service compliments your plan.

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