A touching testimony from a clients family

August 4, 2018



(The following testimony has been written by the mother of a former client, nothing has been added nor taken away, except names and personal details for privacy)


After twelve months of our daughter battling with depression, anxiety and addiction we found ourselves in a desperate crisis situation. All of our efforts to improve the situation over the twelve months had failed, and we had been unable to gain appropriate support and guidance from professionals and organisations. 


It was only by tireless enquiry that we found this invaluable resource. Inroads has given our daughter an opportunity to get her life back on track after months of turmoil and having reached a point of feeling that she could no longer cope with life. Inroads was quick to respond to the crisis in a calm and professional way, building up trust with our daughter and ourselves. They worked tirelessly with the situation and kept her safe.


This was at the same time as reassuring the family and keeping us informed of the process whilst a suitable placement was found where she would be safe and cared for by a skilled team of therapists and medical professionals. The staff at Inroads discussed options with us and arranged the placement. They accompanied our daughter safely to the treatment centre where she is now accessing the resources and skills she needs to become well and have a chance of a happier and healthier future. Without this support I am fearful of what the outcome would have been.

Inroads plan to work with our daughter on her return from treatment to provide essential support and reassurance to maintain the progress made. They have also started to work with her employers to plan a phased return back to work, and to assist them in recognising and providing the level of support necessary to make the process successful.  

It would have been hugely helpful to have been informed of this resource far earlier so that we would have known there was help when and if we needed it. I do hope that more professionals and organisations can become aware of this invaluable resource to enable them to share such information with families in similar agonising situations.  Families will then be able to access this life changing support more easily and more lives can be saved.

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