'The Drugs Don't Work'

August 4, 2018

(Some may find the contents of the video offensive and/or distressing, viewer discretion is advised) 


For this week’s blog we are sharing the music video 'The drugs don’t work' by CASisDead.


For us this video encapsulates a stark and realistic representation of the chaotic and all-consuming nature of substance use disorder and addiction.


Characters in the video are focused on escapism, changing the way they feel through acting out extreme behaviour under the influence. The insane vicious cycle of searching for the next high, constantly topping up, with the effects becoming more and more short lived.


Their life revolves around substances and anything else outside this is irrelevant. Innocent parties, like the cat, caught up in this detrimental world.


We see the struggles faced by those that use substances and the notion of being out of control permeate throughout the video, with the downward spiral taking hold.


There is death incarnate, the dark side of substance misuse and addiction, the desperation, fear, paranoia and confusion portrayed in the characters faces. We witness the lengths that people go to, chasing a lifestyle of quick financial gain and reward, but then falling into the trap of dependence upon the very substance or product that they are selling.


The characters surrounded by associates rather than friends. There are feelings of loneliness and pain. Characters are crying out for help and being taken to the brink where suicide is considered and may be realised.


We see the paralysis and self-harming of the person caught in this never ending revolving door with feelings of loneliness, bewilderment and despair…which leads us to ask ourselves… 


If the drugs don’t work how long can you continue with a temporary fix?

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